Bike Specs

Our LimoBike holds up to 17 passengers (10 pedaling) and includes superior comfort, detachable roof for summer cabriolet riding, cool light alloys, stylish seats, red carpet service and much more.

With multiple themed bike types to choose from, or the opportunity to create your own themed LimoBike, LimoBike is by far the most luxurious and versatile party bike in town.

LimoBike specifications

Length: 5.40 mtr
Width: 1.49 mtr
Height: 2.39 mtr
Weight: 650 kilo
Max passengers: 17
Pedalling: 10
Break lights: Yes
Holes in bar: 21
Why LimoBike?
  • The only luxury party bike with limousine quality
  • Sober driver for safety
  • Quality, tasteful drinks
  • We create good memories