Pizza Party

It’s not a myth that cycling makes you hungry. It really does! That’s why we have created the special Pizza Party Bike. Enjoy your own pizza (meat, fish or vegetarian) while cycling for 90 minutes through the most typical areas of Amsterdam. And we said party, right? So don´t worry about the drinks, they are all included. What else do you need?

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Our Pizza Party includes:

  • LimoBike with up to 17 passengers* (10 pedaling) including superior comfort, detachable roof for summer cabriolet riding, cool light alloys and much more...
  • 90 minutes bike ride
  • 20 liters of beer or 12 bottles of prosecco 
  • 1 pizza per person (choice of meat, veggie or fish)
  • Insurance
  • Central starting point
Why LimoBike?
  • The only luxury party bike with limousine quality
  • Sober driver for safety
  • Quality, tasteful drinks
  • We create good memories